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  • manufacturers & Merchant
  • Location:
  • hebei,china
  • Established:
  • 2010
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  • C ATPS
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  • AJPS
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≥900000 piece
US $0.1 /piece
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Product Details
Applications :
cereals, beans, flours, spices, dry food processes, sugar, animal feed, rice plants, detergents,
various powders, chalk, gypsum, fly-ash, cement, sand, plastic granules, spices, milk powder

Principle :
Electronics of VLS-KD excites the piezo-electric-crystals inside tuning rod, which makes the rod vibrate at it's
natural resonance frequency in free air. Amplitudes of vibration are above threshold when rod is free to vibrate.
When material touches the rod, vibration stops as resonance gets disturbed. Amplitudes of vibration falls
below the threshold- strength which is sensed by the electronics. Material presence is thus detected.