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Window glass cleaning robot
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Product Details

Product Description

2016 Newest S60 Automatic Vacuum Floor Wall Glass Cleaner Machine Window Cleaning Robot

Product Features:                                        

  1. Single-Side-Cleaning, No Thickness Restriction
    FD-RWC007 is specially designed for thick glass (3~60mm or more). It's suitable for double-glass window, show window, store window, and so on.
  2.   AI-Technology
    It  has powerful processors to compute the cleaning path, to detect edges of window by sensors, to clean the entire window automatically.
  3.   Remote Control
    It  has 3 kinds of AUTO modes can be selected by remote controller. Manual Mode is also provided.
  4.   Embedded UPS (Un-interrupted Power System) for Safety
    System power will switch to internal battery while no electric power supplied.
  5.   Convenient and ECO-Friendly
    It  adopts micro-fiber based cloth to be easily swapped for wash and reuse.
  6.   Table Cleaning Mode
    It  also can be used on the table.
  7. Anti-dropping control algorithm.
  8. High strength safety rope (150Kgf).