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SPC Concrete pole mould casting prestressed concrete pole
FOB Price: US $1000 /piece
Notice: If you want to get more information about this product, please leave a message to the supplier. The supplier will reply you ASAP.
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Product Details

Concrete Spc Pole Mould Introduction

The concrete round poles will be formed by concrete compaction with

high speed centrifuge by centrifugal spinning pole machine . Furat Concrete pole mold are reasonable design and manufactured to guarantee the highest lifespan and easy operation during concrete pole production.

According to production application experience in concrete pole production ,many unique technolog and

mold design are adopted for concrete pole mold manfacturing and concrete pole plant :

1. The patent design of groove and tongue prevent concrete leaking obviously during high speed centrifuge

spinning so that expand the mold lifespan .  Generally speaking ,there are two kinds of  collar type:

ladder type and tougue & groove type . For the later one , the seal performance is good but difficult to

clean the mold groove.