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Multi-funcitonal automatic edge fabric relaxing and folding machine for textile ,garment industry
FOB Price: US $1769-2530 /piece
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Product Details

I-Performance features :

1.This is a special equipment to loose all kinds of  light weight  fabrics effectively in the modern garment processing, bedding processing, fabric raw products and other industries before sewing.

It is multi-function intelligence -can be loosen fabric,folding fabric and auto edge.

2.Use imported frequency converter,so the speed is flexible and adjustable;

adopt advanced speed control system, so it is easy to operate.

3.Equipped with fabric feeding equipment,  and it makes the cloth folded neatly after loosening.

4.Efficient use of space makes the production workshop norms and tidy.

5.Eliminate the tension of  warp and weft yarn , such as elastic fabric and knitted fabric ,etc.

6.With automatic edge and fold functions, the machine can make make perfect fabric roll

(it can make the rolled fabric become loose,or make loose fabric become loose).

7.It can be added added an intelligent calculator for this machine as buyer's request, so that it can exactly calculate the length of cloth.

II- Usage:
It is suitable for finishing all knids of loose fabric, including knitted and woven, especially for light weight fabric.
It is also used for loosening fabric and folding fabric in various big,medium and small garment factory&textile factory.

III-Specification parameter:

Model #






Fabric width


Working speed