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LED top spray shower 33-2
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Product Details

product model: LED top spraying (temperature, 7 colour)

Product synopsis: 1) the number of leds: four full color;  

2) LED color: green/blue/red light color changes (temperature changes);  Discus: 1 white; 2 green; 3 red; 4 blue; 5 yellow; 6 purple; 7 cyan  

3) the shell material: copper;  

4) the shell color: metal color;  

5) surface treatment: electroplating;  

6) products for the international certification: CE certification and ROHS certification and obtain certificate;  

7) nominal pressure: 0.1 to 0.5 Mpa;  

8) when the water out, the shower head with a built-in LED lights shine;  

9) low water flow remain unique and comfortable feeling;  

10) don't need battery and the power cord, through colorful LED lights display shower head water temperature changes, when the water temperature  Less than 29 degrees shows green, when the water temperature between 30 to 39 degrees appear blue, when the water temperature  Between 40 to 49 degrees shows red, flashing red when the water temperature is higher than 50 degrees.  

11) specification: 200 * 200 mm