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Product Details

1 the Windows XP above the operating system, the speed of the fast and stable.

2 using PC-BASE control system, graphical man-machine interface, the screen switches fast, easy operation.

3 is two more than 80 GB large capacity hard drive, can update / data backup system, if the system failure, can immediately enable the backup operation line immediately, without waiting for repair.

4 with more than 52 X grade CD-ROM player, used to quickly repair the reduction system, no worries.

5 17 inch screen man-machine 1280 * 1024 high resolution and large screen LCD liquid crystal display screen, big and clear.

For 6 USB 2 x 6 high speed interface, can be connected to the monitoring peripheral storage device (data backup)...

7 configuration audio, speakers, with voice warning, reminding function.

8 computer / screen / peripheral, they both adopt general specifications for repair and update are considered.

9 axis servo control, I/O control, they both adopt high-speed PCI interface, the latest, most popular industrial standard interface.

10 the development of INPUT optical coupling isolation dielectric hearing tiger dough, and Output Relay (DIN) panel, no worries out of stock.

11 new 3D fitting preview function, can be matched with the Y.B.C data input interface design, can display real-time 3D fitting model, while data input, the other side immediately display 3D fitting model is correct, can be immediately found wrong, immediately corrected.

12 Y.B.C bending is no limit to the number of.

There are 13 single bending function, can be arbitrarily set where the number of single bending.

14 the workpiece parameters and Y.B.C data input, automatic correction judgment and error proofing, prevent input error, caused by machine injury.

15 can store data to disk or workpiece dish, can be in office design input, then brought to the scene into the pipe, as well as data backup.

Equipped with 16 52X above grade CD-RW burner, the fittings data full backup (optional). Equipped with 128MB or above USB USB can complete data backup fittings.

Model identification:

Control system

Windows XP or above operating system architecture.

CNC bending machine PC-BASED control system, graphical and more friendly, easy operation more flexible operation interface, general PLC system.

CNC bending machine collocation industrial high specifications of the computer, to provide a stable performance and effectively suppress environmental noise.

Intel dual core 2.0G Hz level or above CPU.

The allocation of more than 500GB capacity hard disk (double backup system), for the customer to use enough space, when the main system when there is a problem, can not work hard disk backup immediately replacement, interrupt.

Built-in large capacity USB boot CNC automatic backup of tube bending, not afraid of missing data, coupled with the security level.

CNC bending machine production 17 inch high resolution touch screen, large screen clear and smooth.

USB port for easy connection and data access and download.

3D / simulation software function

Installed in the CNC 3D pipe bender instant display software. Y.B.C programming more convenient.

Semi automatic and automatic pipe fittings, instant 3D simulation simulation.

You can preview the 3D pipe and related mould data file open, file storage for convenient and fast data classification.

Multi axis servo control

CNC bending machine equipped with multi axis servo motor control.

Feeding, rotation, turn, guided mode servo, vertical displacement and displacement, precision can reach 0.05.

The guided mode and auxiliary pushing feeding seat auxiliary pushing, show strong bending capacity.

Manual servo control can be set to the absolute value and relative value of mobile, accurate, convenient, fast.

The Y.B.C axis three axis

CNC bending machine Y.B.C three axis function, significantly improve productivity.

X.Y.Z coordinates can be converted into Y.B.C coordinate.

Automatic calculation of working length

Y.B.C dynamic process set, automatically calculate the total length of workpiece.

Multiple modes of operation

CNC bending machine can choose single bend, manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation mode.

Work count total number, countdown function.

Bend time display:

Full automatic time display of each branch pipe and pipe fittings elbow time to complete the data.

Bending forming precision and stability

The deformation and shallow rate:

By sending material boost CNC bending machine, auxiliary guide mode push sectional set, turn speed function collocation use, to reach customers on the deformation and flat rate requirements.

In the CNC bending machine set into curved back clamp time delay, stability of pipe rebound effects increase molding stability.

Flexible processing set

CNC bending machine may depend on the demand, re organization, planning, arrangement of feed back bend angle... Action process, in order to avoid the interference point.

Can be set in advance of the action of CNC bending machine for bending bending action, effectively reduce the time and improve efficiency.

Action options catheter, to avoid scratches fitting problem.

90 speed adjustment

CNC bending machine of each axis motion, 90 speed adjustment for users to set.

6 kinds of standard operation process, improve the operation speed, and avoid the interference problem.

Perfect safety protection

CNC bending machine feeding servo has before, after the switch, can avoid negligence or damage caused by mechanical machine.

Tong Xin Rui automatic lubrication system: Jet / oil amount of time can be set.

Power, data and programs can be stored for 3 years.

CNC screen bender protection, password protection function, can prevent the unauthorized changes caused by abnormal outsiders.

The electrical box CNC bending machine with air cooling machine, in order to maintain constant temperature. Electronic parts can avoid damage due to high temperature.

CNC bending machine set multiple emergency stop switch control.

The machine device Xinrui, the length of the workpiece is not restricted (automatically reciprocating feeding function).

Mechanical specifications:

1 because of the design progress, continuous improvement, Syria specifications if some changes, without notice

As you plan and suggestions for 2 business the most suitable for your models and detailed specifications