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High Quality Truck Parts Cab Condenser DZ13241821101
FOB Price:
≥100 piece
US $100 /piece
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Product Details

High Quality Truck Parts Cab Condenser DZ132418211


Condenser (Condenser), a mechanical refrigeration system, is a heat exchanger, can of gas or vapor into a liquid, the tube of the heat to very fast way, reached the vicinity of the air pipe. Condenser work process is exothermic process, so the condenser temperature is higher.

Many power plants use the turbine condenser exhaust steam is condensed. Refrigeration plant with steam condenser to condense ammonia and freon refrigeration and the like. Petrochemical industry with a condenser hydrocarbons and other chemical vapor condensation. In the distillation process, the vapor into a liquid means is also known as a condenser. All condensers are the heat of gas or vapor and running away.


Engine cooling system

High temperature and pressure Freon of refrigeration system goes out from the compressor into the condenser, and release a lot of heat to cooling medium. The heat is taken away by air and cooled liquefied. Its structure is mainly composed of a set of brass. As the performance of air heat transfer is poor, it usually increases fins out of copper tubing to increase the air-side heat transfer area. At the same time, using the fan to accelerate the flow of air to force convetion air to increase the cooling effect.


  small size, light weight, easy to install

  you need to install in a well-ventilated place

  heat capacity, efficiency

  easily degraded, design heat capacity larger amount of wealth