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Grade 6A Brazilian Virgin Hair Straight Unprocessed Human Hair Weave Straight Free tangle Brazilian Straight Hair
FOB Price:
≥99999 piece
US $13 /piece
Notice: If you want to get more information about this product, please leave a message to the supplier. The supplier will reply you ASAP.
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Product Details


We promise sincerely:

1) This hair is 100% Human Virgin Hair,Brazilian Virgin Hair.Human hair straight hair .best quality.

2) No shedding, no tangle. so soft and thick, High quality. Still have hair cuticle and all in the same direction

3) Have strong weft,full and thick bundles,more soft and smoothly,luster. have healthy ends.

4) It's unprocessed hair so Can be Dyed and Bleached.

5) Aboout 3.5OZ, 100+-3grams.

6) We have own factory,have 15years experience, price is much cheaper than others.

7)Strict Quality Control Department,each piece is strictly checked by person.So we can promise hair quality.IMG_0011IMG_0010



Hello dear friends, this's amy. Perhaps you have some bad  experience before purchasing. But for BOWIN HAIR,i have to say:" DO NOT BE NERVOUS“

Have no any problem that you worry about!!! This's my promise!!! We will provide the best hair quality and best sale service for you!! Won't let you down!!

If dont find length you want, can contact me anytime!      

If want to buy in bulk, If any questions, can contact me anytime.  I will answer all question for you!!


Top Quality & Company Certification



How to measure hair






Free shipping,order will be posted by DHL usually.

Usually,it takes 3-4 business days for your shipment to arrive.

Order(s) are only shipped after payment is received.

Please check out your address carefully when processing order.

Payment methords_PP

errrrrrr111100% Money Back Guarantee on each item.Please contact us within 24 hours upon your receipt the items.

1)Return is accepted within 7days after receipting the items.

2)Please make the item stay the original state if it does not fit on you.We only accept not damaged

item.We won't accept return if you wash,use or do something on the hair,I am sorry!





Q1: How many pieces can make a full head?

A1: Usually, it takes 3-4pcs to fully install a head. And according to the length of the hair, normally we would highly recommend you to purchase one more piece when the hair length is over 16 inches. Here’s a chart to show you on this:

Q2. : Hair colors?

A2:1#(Deep/Jet/dark Black), 1B#(Natural/Off black), 2#(Deep/Dark Brown), 4#(Medium/Light Brown) All the colors are in their natural state-beings without any processing, you may rest assure on this. What’s more, normally when our client hasn’t chosen a specific color, we would choose for them randomly. Therefore, if there’re any requirements on the colors, please feel free to tell us previously.

Q3. Quality?

A3:  Completely 100% virgin hair without any mix. Some clients may talk about the dry ends when they receive the hair, we would like to clearly state that it’s perfectly normal for human virgin hair to appear in this way, for it just loses the nutrition and health care for some time. Here’s how you could do with this: nursing it with some hair oil or other conditioners. There will be no negative effects on the quality of hair.

Q4 Tangle feeling?

A4: Commonly, hair extension may get tangled due to dryness, build-up of oil and dirt, using of salt water or chlorine and not combing for some time. Make sure to wash and condition your hair at least once a week, and if possible, twice a week would be better. You may use hydrating drops or consult your stylist for further suggestions.

Q5. Shedding?

A5: dear friend, all hair gets shedding; it's just the difference of more or less, even our own hair sheds, right? All of our hair weft is double layers and machine made, usually, its weft is neat enough, however, since you guys would cut it into pieces before installation. But just seal the weft again it will be strong enough.

Q6. How to deal with the odor?

A6: Some of the clients may talk about the odor when receiving the hair. Dear, there’s no need to worry about this, after co-washing and nursing it for some time, the odor will disappear.

Q7. How long does it last?

A7.For hair in such high quality, it may last for more than one year under proper care and nurse.

Q8.What kinds of hair health care products you should use?

A8. Use high quality shampoo and conditioners which will be able to make your hair soft and shiny. Try to use some gel and spray styling products to keep your hair in its style. And olive oil would be a good choice to make your hair healthy.

Q9.Why do the colors seem not to appear exactly in the way as the pictures and descriptions suggest?

A9: Many clients may complain about the color differences when receiving the hair. However, dear, please take this into consideration that all of our products are virgin human hair which means that they come in their very natural state-beings without any processing, and the color of hair from a person’s to another’s may be different in some slight way. And the pictures shown on the descriptions are just some samples of the products. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that each piece of hair’s color will look exactly the same, but we’ll devote our utmost to avoid this kind of issues. Thanks!

Q10.Occasions you can go with your new extension?

A10:  go bathing/swimming, going out in the wind and rain, playing sports and stuff. You can go with your new extension on the occasions above; your new hair will look as fabulous as real hair no matter when it’s in its dry way or wet one. However, there’s one thing for you to remember: extensive water exposure will loosen the bonding of hair a lot, so you must carefully dry it afterwards. And if you dig swimming so much, I’d like to highly recommend you to put on a cap when you’re swimming.