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Flange pipe fittings manufacturing spot manufacturers Jidong
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Product Details
Main functions of the flange joints in pressure vessels and pressure pipeline is connected with the sealing, flat welding flange of the failure is not because of the strength, but in the bolt load, gasket anti force and the medium pressure synthetic torque under the action, due to lack of rigidity and deformation (corner) the pressing force on the gasket is not uniform, resulting in leakage of flange joint. Therefore, control flat welding flange stiffness and deformation is flat welding flange joint is the key.Due to the flat welding flange joint load and deformation factors involved in more complex, for a long time can only be used experience and flange stress to calculate indirectly reflecting China's container standards and regulations (GB150 and let rules) is to ensure the safe operation of a pressure vessel as the goal and formulate. On the flat welding flange connection system coordinating the deformation analysis, high temperature flat welding flange joint deformation coordination equations is established, and then derived leakage rate limit equation; by combining with the limit equation of flat welding flange strength, bolt strength, obtained by using Monte Carlo method for the calculation of high temperature bolt flange joints reliability method.