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Chevrolet hub unit / wheel unit / hub axle head 513179
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Product Details
Bearing modern machinery and equipment is an important component. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reducing the coefficient of friction during exercise, and to ensure the accuracy of its rotation.Friction of moving parts of a different nature, the bearing can be divided into two major categories of rolling bearings and plain bearings. Wherein Rolling been standardized, serialized, but compared with its radial dimension sliding bearing, vibration and noise is large, the price is higher.Rolling generally consists of an outer ring, inner ring, rolling elements and cage four parts, strictly speaking, by the outer ring, the inner ring, rolling elements, cage, seals, lubricants six pieces of composition. In simple terms, provided they have an outer ring, the inner ring, the rolling elements can be defined as rolling bearings. According to the shape of the rolling element, bearing into ball bearings and roller bearings two categories.History development:The early form of linear motion bearings, is placed in a row in a row of wooden sled. Modern linear motion bearings using the same kind of works, but sometimes with a ball instead of rollers. The simplest rotary bearing sleeve bearings, it's just a bush sandwiched between the wheels and axles. This design was subsequently Rolling alternative is to use a lot of cylindrical roller replace the original liner, each rolling element as a single wheel.Nano lake in Italy found a ship built in the Roman BC for 40 years, found that early ball bearings Example: a wooden ball bearings are used to support the rotating table. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci around 1500 had been to one ball bearing is described. Various factors immature ball bearings, there is a very important point is that the collision will occur between the ball, causing additional friction. But we can put the ball in a small cage to prevent this phenomenon. 17th century, Galileo "caged ball" ball bearing did the first description. Seventeenth century, British C. Vallo design and manufacture of ball bearings and mounted in a mail coach in the trial as well as the United Kingdom P. Wirth made ball bearings patent. First put into practical rolling bearing cage with the watchmaker John Harrison in 1760 for the production of H3 timing meter invention. Eighteenth century German H.R. published on Hertz contact stress ball bearing papers. On the basis of the achievements of Hertz, the German R. Shitelibeike Sweden Pam Glenn A. et al conducted a large number of experiments, the design theory and calculation of the fatigue life of rolling bearings development contributed. Subsequently, the Russian N.P. Petrov Newton's law to calculate the viscous friction bearings. The first patent on the ball channel is Carmarthen Philip Vaughan in 1794 obtained.In 1883, Friedrich Fischer proposed the use of appropriate production grinding machine of the same size, roundness accurate idea of ??the ball, laid the foundation for industrial bearings. British O. Renault Thor were found mathematical analysis, Reynolds equation is derived, from laying the foundation for hydrodynamic lubrication theory.Industry Overview:According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China's bearing manufacturing industry scale in 2011 (annual sales income of 20 million yuan or more) companies a total of 1416 companies, the annual industrial output value of 193.211 billion yuan, an increase of 27.59%; sales revenue of 191.097 billion yuan, an increase of 30.30%; total profit of 12.523 billion yuan, an increase of 26.54 percent over the previous year. By 2015, China is expected to yield more than 28 billion bearing units, main business revenue is expected to reach 210 billion yuan, becoming the world's largest bearing production and sales base.China's bearing industry is currently faced with three main outstanding issues: namely, the production of industry concentration is low, low R & D and innovation capability, low level of manufacturing technology.First, the industry production concentration is low. Bearing worldwide sales of approximately $ 30 billion, the world's eight major multinational companies accounted for 75% to 80%. Germany the two companies account for 90% of the national total, accounting for 90% of Japan's five national total, 56% of the United States one of its national total. In China and other 10 Wazhou largest bearing company sales accounted for only 24.7% of the entire industry, the first 30 of production concentration is only 37.4%.Second, R & D and innovation capability is low. Weak industry-wide basic theoretical research, participation in international standards development is weak, less original technology, less proprietary products.China's current design and manufacturing technology is basically imitation, product development capacity, and performance: While Chinese domestic host supporting rate of 80%, but the high-speed railway passenger cars, luxury cars, computers, air conditioners, and other high-level mill important bearing host support and maintenance, basically rely on imports.Third, the low level of manufacturing technology. China Bearing Industry manufacturing processes and process equipment and technology developed slowly, car CNC machining rate, a low level of automation grinding, China the only country more than 200 automated production lines. Bearing life and reliability critical to advanced heat treatment technology and equipment, such as the protection of controlled atmosphere heating, double refining, bainite quenching low coverage of many technical problems research failed to achieve a breakthrough. Develop new steel bearing steel research and development, improve the quality of steel, lubrication, cooling, cleaning abrasives and other related technologies, still can not meet the level of bearing products and quality improvement requirements. Resulting in low process capability index, consistency is poor, product processing size dispersion of large, unstable product quality and affect the intrinsic accuracy, performance, life and reliability of the bearing.Bearing parameters:life:Under certain load, the number of revolutions or hours before pitting bearing experience in the event, called the bearing life.The life of rolling bearings with number of revolutions (or number of hours of work under a certain speed) Definition: bearing life within this should happen preliminary fatigue damage (flaking or chipping) on ??any of the bearing ring or rolling elements. However, both in laboratory tests or in actual use, we can clearly see the appearance under the same working conditions of the same bearing, the actual life different. There are also several different definitions of bearing "life", i.e., one in which the so-called "working life", which represents the actual life of a bearing can be achieved before the damage is usually not damaged by the wear caused by fatigue, but It is caused by wear and tear, corrosion, seal damage and other reasons.