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36 v electric vehicle power battery (HY36V)
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Product Details

Main specifications/special features:

Long life: the cycle life of lead-acid battery in 200-300, lithium battery of up to 500 times. Lead up to 1-1.5 years, lithium electricity used under the same conditions, to three years, cost performance for the lead-acid batteries more than 2 times

Use security: lead-acid produces under the intense collision, pose a threat to the lives of consumers, and lithium electricity through rigorous safety testing, not even in the worst traffic accident

No memory effect, often in a don't put the battery rechargeable under the conditions of work. Capacity quickly is lower than the rated capacity values, as nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium battery memory effect, no matter in what state, lithium-ion batteries can use increases with the increasing charge, do not need to put the first charge again

Small volume, light weight. The volume of the same specifications and capacity of lithium battery is two-thirds of lead-acid battery, weight is the 1/3 of lead-acid batteries

There exist a lot of in the green environmental protection: lead-acid battery lead, if handled improperly, can cause secondary pollution, and lithium battery won't cause pollution to the environment, is the world recognized as green environmental protection battery, in the production and use, pollution-free, become a national key support and encourage the development of project

With China's accession to the WTO, Chinese exports of electric bicycle will rapidly increase, and now in Europe and the United States of electric bicycle has asked equipped with pollution-free battery, equipped with lead-acid battery electric vehicle is hard to export, lithium polymer batteries to improve the grade of products, increase the product selling point, open the domestic and export market of America and Europe, will be the best choice of a long-term strategic significance.